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重量 470g



Grivel "Air Tech New Matic" | [REVIEW]


Revisión de los crampones modelo Air Tech New Matic de la marca italiana Grivel. Se trata de un crampón semiautomáticos para usarlo con botas semirrígidas ...

How to put on Grivel Air Tech Light new matic


A quick demonstration on how to take on and off Grivel Air Tech crampons.

Fitting Grivel 'New Matic' Crampons to Climbing Boots

Ron Walker

A quick demo for our Scottish Winter Mountaineering and Ice Climbing courses on fitting Grivel G12, G14 or Airtech crampons with the 'New Matic' binding to B2 ...

Кошки Grivel Air Tech New Matic

"Ирбис" - интернет магазин туристического снаряжения

Обзор альпинистских кошек Grivel Air Tech New Matic от интернет-магазина туристического снаряжения "Ирбис" http://www.irbis-sho...

Grivel G12 Newmatic Crampon

Cotswold Outdoor

A classic 12-point crampon that can be adjusted by hand, thus eliminating the need to carry tools which add weight and are often lost! Designed for moderate to ...

Grivel G12 Crampon

Whittaker Mountaineering

These well-respected 12-point crampons are designed for general mountaineering, alpinism, mixed climbing, and moderate waterfall routes. The longer front ...

Grivel binding systems

Grivel Mont Blanc

A very simple explanatory video on the different binding systems offered on Grivel's crampons.

Crampons Grivel

Grivel Mont Blanc

Rémy Lecluse présente les crampons Grivel Classiques. G10, Air Tech, G12...A suivre...

Grivel's New Classic Crampon Binding

Grivel Mont Blanc

Explanatory video on the Grivel's New Classic crampon binding system.

初めてのピッケルを選ぶポイント 冬山 雪山 登山 【太田の道具#4】

Back-Country Movies バックカントリー穂高 登山

【太田の道具一覧表】 冬山登山靴 LOWA WEISSHORN → アイゼン GRIVEL Air Tech New Classic ...